How to Make Your Floors Shine

How to Make Your Floors Shine

Schedule floor waxing or floor stripping in Richland or Kennewick, WA

Are your floors looking worse for wear? Has dirt and grime settled in places the mop can't reach? You need professional cleaning from Dependable Janitor in Richland or Kennewick, WA.

Our skilled team of pros knows how to make your floor shine. We'll strip and wax your floor to make it look like new. As this kind of project can be intrusive, we do everything possible to provide timely service. We'll work efficiently to be in and out of your business, leaving behind a job well done.

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3 benefits of floor waxing

Keeping your floors in the best condition possible is our specialty. Our professional floor stripping and floor waxing services will:

  1. Cover up shallow scratches
  2. Make your floors shine like new
  3. Protect your floors from future damage

Floor stripping removes the existing finishing coat from your floor allowing us to apply the new wax coating effectively. If your floors need refurbishment, contact us now.